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British election: historic moment: Pakistani and Kashmiri candidates made history

Ishtiyaq Tony

London: In the general elections held in Great Britain, people of Pakistani and Kashmiri origin also became part of the Parliament by winning in large numbers.

For the first time in the history of general elections held across the country, other minorities have reached such a large number in the lower house. This is a history-making moment.

In the latest election, blacks, Asians, and other ethnic minorities will make up about 13 percent of parliament, up from 10 percent in the last election in 2019.

The newly elected parliament also has the honor of having a record 242 female members of the assembly. Never before have such a large number of women been elected to Parliament.

Remember that in 1987, when Diane Abbott of the Labor Party became Britain’s first black woman MP, there were only 41 women in that House of Commons.

Successful candidates of Pakistani origin include Afzal Khan, Imran Hussain, Naz Shah, Yasmin Qureshi, Muhammad Yasin, Tahir Ali, Shabana Mehmood, Zara Sultana, Dr. Zubair Ahmed, Naushaba Khan, Dr. Rozeena Khan.

All of them won on the ticket of the new ruling party Labor Party.

Besides, Ayub Khan and Adnan Hussain won as independent candidates while Saqib Bhatti and Nusrat Ghani won on the platform of the Conservative Party.

It should be remembered that in the recent election, the opposition Labor Party won a landslide victory and defeated the ruling Conservative Party for 14 years.

The outgoing Prime Minister Rishi Shankar was the first Indian-origin Prime Minister of the country and belonged to the Conservative Party, while the three female Prime Ministers elected in Great Britain also belonged to the Conservative Party.

The Labor Party has also chosen Rachel Reeves as Finance Minister for the first time.



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