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Vietnam: Decision not to admit short people

The Vietnam National University’s School of Management and Business believes that the relationship between height and achievement is so important that those deemed ‘too short’ should not be allowed to pursue further education

Dawn TV News + Daily Dawn

HANOI: The Hanoi-based School of Management and Business (HSB) announced that female students must be at least 1.58 meters tall and male students must be at least 1.65 meters tall for admission this year. However, the policy statement further states that exemptions may be granted in certain cases. In this regard, Vietnam’s online newspaper ‘Toi Tre’ first published an article, and since then a heated discussion has been going on in this context on social media.

Now the Ministry of Education has directed the university to review its requirements, following which HSB has adjusted its admission criteria. It has removed the height requirement for three of the four undergraduate programs it offers, but the rule will now only apply to one course, Management and Security.



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