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Decision to keep Lahore Airport closed for 3 hours daily

Noor Fatima Afzal

Lahore: The Civil Aviation Authority has decided to keep Lahore Airport closed for 3 hours every day.

According to the civil aviation authorities, due to the large number of birds, the decision to close the airport has been taken to ensure the safety of passengers, which is done every year during the monsoon season.

During the monsoon season, there are a lot of birds around the airport due to which the administration has decided to close the Lahore Airport for 3 hours daily, both the runways of the airport will be closed from 5 am to 8 pm.

According to the administration, the closure of the airport will be applicable from July 10 to September 10 and this closure is usually done every year during monsoon. Runway closure can also be used for emergency landing.

The decision of emergency landing will be made by the pilot of the plane, the Civil Aviation Authority informed the domestic and foreign airlines through a notam.



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