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More than one FIR cannot be registered for an incident, Islamabad High Court orders

Court reporter Dawn TV Daily Dawn

RAWALPINDI: The Islamabad High Court has ordered former Interior Minister Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed’s plea for dismissal of cases filed under the same charge that only one FIR of an incident can be registered in its respective police station.

Islamabad High Court Justice Tariq Mehmood Jahangiri issued a 41-page detailed judgment against Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed in Kemari Karachi and other cases and said that an FIR cannot be registered except at the concerned police station. , the settled rule is that no one can be prosecuted more than once for the same offense.

It has been said in the written decision that the constitutional courts have the responsibility to protect the rights of the citizens, in the case of Sheikh Rasheed, the incident happened at the Islamabad Polyclinic, therefore the court has jurisdiction, against Sheikh Rasheed, the Police Station Mochko Kemari, Karachi. The case is dismissed.

It is said in the judgment that it is regrettable to say that political parties make frivolous cases against political opponents in the government, cases are registered against political opponents on the same charge in different parts of the country, and political opponents are tortured in this way. Harassment is a clear violation of the law decided by the Supreme Court, it is not right for democracy and the rule of law, so one should think twice before doing it.

In the written decision, it is said that the judicial assistants and the police said that the FIR of the incident in Islamabad is not valid in the rest of the provinces, the cases of Peshawar, Lahore, and Lasbela have been canceled by the police on the same basis, the cases of Peshawar, Lahore, and Lasbela have been canceled. However, the petitioners withdrew the applications.

It is recorded in the decision that a case was registered against Sheikh Rashid in Kemari Karachi for calling Bilawal Bhutto “immoral, extremely dirty”. In the FIR, the police said that there is no case, the incident is also in Islamabad, the police official said that because the matter is Bilawal Bhutto, he cannot give an official statement, according to the Supreme Court, according to the Sughri Bibi case, different places of the same incident were recorded. Can’t be.



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