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Karachi is once again among the world’s worst-liveable cities, ranking at number 169, which means it remains the fifth worst-liveable city in the world.

The best cities are Vienna in Austria with an overall score of 98.4, followed by Copenhagen (a city in Denmark) and Zurich (a city in Switzerland) in third place.

Khalid Latif Baloch

London: The Economist’s list of the world’s most livable cities has been released, in which Karachi ranks fifth among the world’s worst cities to live in.

The Research and Analyzes Division compiled the list by ranking 173 cities based on several key factors including health care, culture and environment, sustainability, infrastructure, and education.

According to this report, Karachi’s number is 169, which means it is still the fifth worst liveable city. Karachi received an overall score of just 42.7 for basic amenities.

Karachi scored 54.2 for healthcare, 35.9 for culture and environment, 75 for education, and 51.8 for infrastructure in separate categories.

It should be noted that in this list, Karachi was ranked 136th out of 140 cities in 2019 and 134th out of 140 in 2022, while it was ranked 169th out of 173 cities in 2023 and remained the same this year.

Only Nigeria’s Lagos, Algeria’s Algiers City, Libya’s Tripoli, and Syria’s capital Damascus rank above Karachi as the worst cities to live in.

On the other hand, the most liveable city in Austria is Vienna with an overall score of 98.4. Copenhagen (Denmark) is second and Zurich (Switzerland) is third.

Other countries included in the world’s best liveable cities include Melbourne, Calgary, Geneva, Sydney, Osaka, etc. respectively.



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