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In Tajikistan, wearing a hijab has been banned, and a fine of up to $4,800 can be imposed

Dawn TV correspondents + Daily Dawn

The hijab has been officially banned in Tajikistan.

Parliament has also approved the bill in this regard, heavy fines will be imposed for violation.

According to the Dawn TV report, 98% of the population in Tajikistan is Muslim, and heavy fines have been announced on ordinary people as well as companies and government and religious figures for violating the hijab ban.

According to foreign media, under the new law, those wearing the hijab or other prohibited religious clothing could face fines of up to 7,920 somoni (about $700).

Companies that allow employees to wear prohibited clothing will be fined 39,500 somoni ($3,500), while government officials and religious leaders could face fines of 54,000 to 57,600 somoni ($4,800) for violations.

It should be noted that there was an undeclared ban on hijab in Tajikistan for many years.



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