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Singers Maliko and Sara Altaf were barred from going to London

Huzeefa Jamshed

LAHORE: Well-known singers Maliko and Sara Altaf, who have sung Qidee 804 songs for Chairman PTI Muran Khan, have been stopped from going to London, both of whose names are included in the PNI list.

According to Dawn TV, famous singers Maliko and Sara Altaf were stopped from going abroad due to their names being included in the PNI list, both singers were going to London for shows.

Singer Maliko has appealed to the government to remove his name from the PNI list, saying that not doing shows in London would cause a lot of damage to him and his promoters.
Singer Malko said that my name has been added to the PNI list, the artist is always Sanjha, songs are sung for everyone, and fans from all over the world want to listen to me, what message should be sent to the whole world if it is uploaded? will

The singer said that I had to go abroad and bring money to Pakistan because of which the stoves of many people’s houses had to burn.

It should be noted that Maliko and Sara Altaf sang several songs about a political organization that became extremely popular.

Meanwhile, the singer’s lawyer, Azhar Siddiqui Advocate, said that an artist has no borders, he is known all over the world.

He said that preventing them from going abroad is an illegal move, you cannot put names in the PNI list for more than one month, and if you have to do this with your artists too, then Allah is Hafiz.

Azhar Sadiq Advocate said that Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif and Interior Minister Mohsin Naqvi should think about something.



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