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The eunuch out of his mind, the attack on the police station, vandalism

Irish Hayat

Gujarat: In Gujarat, eunuchs went berserk and stormed the police station, ransacked the police station, and dragged the employees by the collars while taking the police station’s equipment with them.

During patrolling in Khariyan, the police stopped and searched a eunuch named Hira and his male companion, who were verbally abused and the policemen took Hira and his companion to Sadar police station, where the eunuch and his companion were tortured. And then left.

Later, eunuchs of Khariyan gathered and barged into the police station, vandalized the goods and then started a protest by blocking the G-road, which was dispersed by the policemen with batons.

The protestors say that last night the police kept the transgenders in custody overnight and subjected them to torture. On this matter, the police say that they will investigate the torture of transgenders and take action against the officials if they are found guilty. Will be.

According to the concerned SHO Bilal Shah, DPO Gujarat suspended the policemen who raped the transgenders.



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