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Network of Indian intelligence agencies working globally under the guise of diplomacy exposed

After Qatar, another network of the Indian intelligence agency was caught under the guise of diplomacy in Canada, Australia, and the United States.

Dawn Political Reporter + Dawn TV

London: Another network of the Indian intelligence agency has been exposed under the guise of diplomacy in Australia, America, and Canada. Since coming to power in 2014, the Modi government has been working on a plan for a united India.

On the one hand, the Modi government started operations against minorities, especially Muslims, in India, while on the other hand, it started espionage and terrorism in other countries at the international level.

There is also concrete evidence of the spreading of terrorism and target killing in other countries during the regime of extremist Modi. Incidents such as the arrest of RAW terrorist Kulbhushan Yadavki on Pakistan’s soil, the Indian Defense Minister’s confession of terrorism in Pakistan, the murder of Hardeep Singh Nagar in Canada, and the planning of Patwant Singh’s murder in America were also brought to light. Kind of obvious.

An agent of the Indian intelligence agency “RA” was also sentenced to death in Qatar on the charge of espionage.

According to the report of the British newspaper The Guardian, India has also been involved in terrorism and target killing in Pakistan and Canada.

In the latest incident, on April 30, Indian intelligence agency agents were arrested for spying on Australian airports and other sensitive defense and commercial areas. Indian spies have been expelled from Australia after being caught stealing classified information.

According to the Australian Security Intelligence Organization (ASIO), Indian agents closely monitor Indians living in Australia and develop close ties with former politicians for personal gain. Indian agents asked a government employee to provide information about security protocols at the airport.

According to Australian Security Director General Mike Burgess, India is trying to gain intelligence and espionage against Australia.

Also in 2023, a secret policy was made to kill the American Sikh leader Gurpatunat Singh Pinan, which was brought to light by the United States. According to the Washington Post, an agent of the Indian RAW was involved in the alleged conspiracy to kill Sikh leader Gurptunat Singh Pannu on American soil last year. In 2020, 2 RAW officers were expelled from Australia.

In the recent report of The Washington Post, Modi’s conspiracy of terrorism on American soil was also exposed. Several Indian officers were arrested and reprimanded in Australia, Germany, and Great Britain after the evidence of the killing of Sikhs on foreign soil was found by RA.

In the past, German police also arrested Indian secret agents who were involved in planning the killing of Sikhs.

Since the American investigation report, the US has issued several warnings to India, but till now the Modi government is continuing to work on its tactics. For decades, the Indian agency “RAW” has been trying tactics to harm Pakistan, but now it has spread its terrorist activities globally.

India’s capture of terrorist networks and its spies in other countries of the world requires that the United Nations and other international organizations include India in the list of terrorists.



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