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United Kingdom: The government of head of the Scottish government, Hamza Yusuf, the first minister of Pakistani origin, is in danger, resigns, or faces no confidence.

Next week the fate of former SNP MP Ash Regan, who he defeated in a leadership contest last year, will be decided.

Dawn Staff Reporter + Dawn TV

LONDON: Hamza Yusuf, the Pakistani-born head of the Scottish government, could be forced to resign as first minister next week after former allies say he will face a no-confidence vote against him.

The development came hours after the collapse of the governing coalition when the Scottish National Party (SNP) ended its deal with the ruling Scottish Greens (SG).

Tensions between the two parties reached an irreversible point when ministers ruled out meeting a key climate change target and banning the use of fertility drugs.

Hamza Yusuf’s fate now rests with former SNP MP Ash Regan, whom he defeated in a leadership contest last year.

Ash Regan later joined Alex Salmond’s centre-right nationalist party Alba. Hamza Yusuf had said at the time that his departure was “no big loss”.

If the no-confidence motion against Hamza Yusuf succeeds, parliament will have 28 days to choose a new minister before the election.

Hamza Yusuf has the support of 63 members of his Scottish National Party, while the opposition parties also have the support of 63 MPs.

In the event of a tie between the government and the opposition, the presiding officer will cast the vote, traditionally the presiding officer votes in favor of the government.

It should be noted that Hamza Yusuf of Pakistani origin was elected as the First Minister (Prime Minister) of Scotland on March 29, 2023.

He holds the distinction of being Scotland’s youngest and first Asian Muslim First Minister.

The results of this vote are not binding, meaning the decision will depend on the First Minister’s response to losing the confidence of the Scottish Parliament.

However, they will be expected to face severe pressures that may make their position untenable.

The Scottish Conservatives have moved for a no-confidence vote, criticizing Hamza, saying the party was a “coalition in chaos” that has now “ended in chaos”.

Hamza Yusuf told a press conference that he intended to govern as a minority government, which he admitted would be ‘difficult’ but also said that the SNP had been like this for most of the time in power.

Hamza pledged to continue working with all members of the Scottish Parliament, saying he had shown a “willingness to work” despite political divisions as a minister over the years.



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