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The silence of District Council Sahiwal, millions of rupees of the national treasury started to be lost, the firm called Al-Arab Associate has the contracts, and they were investigated.

Rana Waheed

Sahiwal: Due to the negligence and negligence of District Council Sahiwal and other staff, the Model Road Naiwala Harappa station built with a grant of crores of rupees fell victim to the carelessness of the contractor laying the sewage line. The road was destroyed. The silence of District Council Sahiwal is equivalent to wasting crores of national treasury. According to the sources, District Council Sahiwal is completely silent after issuing a notice of Rs.1 crore 70 lakh. Public and social circles have demanded from the Deputy Commissioner Sahiwal, and Chief Officer District Council Sahiwal that the damage caused to Naiwala Road Harappa station should be repaired by the contractor. The contractor has completed the construction of the bypass Harpa Road. District Council Sahiwal was assured to lay a layer of carpet at Road Harappa Station. Which should be fully implemented. Demand from CO District Council Sahiwal. Tuff Tile Bypass in Harappa is held by a firm called Arab Associate. Demanding reforms from them.



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