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PTI Jalsa; Directing Sindh High Court administration to give reasonable reason for disallowing permission

Dawn Court Reporter

KARACHI: Tehreek-e-Insaf could not get permission to hold a rally in Bagh Jinnah on April 28. The Sindh High Court has directed the administration to give a reasonable reason for denying the permission to the PTI’s request for permission to hold a rally.

A two-member bench headed by Chief Justice Sindh High Court, Justice Aqeel Ahmad Abbasi, heard the petition regarding the denial of permission for PTI’s rally.

The Deputy Commissioner of Eastern District submitted the report to the court. The report said that permission for the meeting was denied in the light of the police report. The police have said in their report that there have been incidents of terrorism in the city and there are more terror alerts, so public gatherings should not be allowed.
The Chief Justice inquired from the Additional Advocate General Sindh whether he had given permission to hold the meeting. Additional Advocate General Rao Saifullah stated that there are threats of terrorism and the SSP East report has also come, there has been an explosion in Malir and there are more threats.

The Chief Justice remarked that it was not fun to see the report, the point is that you people did not allow them to hold a rally and this is what they also think. How long will these things improve and you will allow them to meet?

The public advocate stated that one month time is being told. The Chief Justice inquired whether there was any meeting in the city recently. Barrister Ali Tahir took the position that 2 days ago, the Central Muslim League held a rally on Shahrah Qaidin. The Deputy Commissioner said that we did not allow anyone to hold a rally.
Chief Justice Aqeel Ahmad Abbasi remarked that they should also be allowed to hold a meeting without permission, may Allah know this, you should sit in your offices. Tell me, what action did you take for gathering without permission, did you use batons, did you use rangers? Talk to your elders, don’t be so cruel, we can’t be part of you. If you give a reasonable reason for disallowing permission, we will support you. Lest you be unable to handle things tomorrow.

The Chief Justice told PTI’s lawyer in a dialogue that you should also be careful, lest any incident happens, it will be credited to your account. Even if we make an order in your favor, it will become a problem for you tomorrow. Don’t be stubborn and wait another week. The court adjourned the hearing of Tehreek-e-Insaf’s application till May 6.



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