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Why attack Israel?: Britain announced new restrictions on the Iranian drone industry

Dawn Staff Reporter

London: Britain has announced new sanctions on Iran’s military drone industry in response to drone missile attacks on Israel.

According to the report of the British news agency Reuters, the United Kingdom has announced the new sanctions, taking the United States and Canada into confidence, which will result in four businesses and two directors of a network of drone companies.

The report states that the UK’s move is aimed at limiting Iran’s ability to carry out drone strikes.
British Foreign Secretary David Cameron said in a statement that Iran’s dangerous attack on Israel has put the lives of thousands of citizens at risk and there is a fear of spreading tension in the region.

“Today Britain and our partners have sent a clear message that we will bring to justice those responsible for Iran’s dangerous ambitions,” he said.

The statement from Britain also said that new restrictions would be imposed on the export of drones and missile materials to Iran in an attempt to limit its military capabilities.

Earlier, Britain had imposed sanctions on Iran’s military officials and institutions following the attack on Israel last week, and these steps were also taken after consultation with the United States.

It should be noted that Iran launched a drone and missile attack on Israel on April 13, two weeks after the attack on the consulate in the Syrian capital Damascus, after which there were fears that the situation in the Middle East would worsen.



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