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Honorary shield for singer Rahim Shah from UAE Consul General

Dawn Showbiz Deputy Editor

ISLAMABAD: United Arab Emirates (UAE) Consul General in Pakistan Bakhit Atiq al-Rumiti has awarded the UAE-Pakistan friendship songwriter and singer a shield.
According to a statement issued by the UAE Consulate in Karachi on Thursday, the Consul General invited singer Rahim Shah and songwriter Shahabuddin to his office where they were presented with shields.

On this occasion, Consul General Bakhit Atiq al-Rumiti said that the Pakistan-UAE friendship has been established for centuries and will continue forever. Songs are a love bond between countries.
He said that Pakistan and UAE are brother countries, and their people love each other. The Pak UAE song became very popular in the United Arab Emirates as well, the expression of love was reflected in the song’s lyrics.
The Consul General further said that hard workers should always be encouraged, that’s why they are being called and given this shield today.



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