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A flat in the UK went viral for its unique design

Dawn Staff Reporter

LONDON: An ad for sale of a flat in the United Kingdom has gone viral because it has a prison-like room inside.

A house in the UK that is for sale for 750 pounds ($934) a month is gaining a lot of attention for its unique interior design.

The house is located in Dudley, UK, where a police station building has been converted into flats. It is offered for sale by local estate agency ‘Taylor Estate’ and ‘Lettings Agents’.
The police station was converted into a flats building after it was closed in 2017, but at the time of construction, the architect decided to include at least one jail cell when designing this particular flat.

The unusual design of this flat has attracted a lot of attention from social media users who are expressing interesting ideas on how to use this prison.

One commenting user wrote that this gel is not useful enough to quiet children when they are making a lot of fuss. The user further wrote, “I also know that people will be willing to pay more for it.”



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