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Loyal to the Shah more than the Shah

Where are Sheikh Rasheed’s Balu Rani words in the FIR? Islamabad High Court

Dawn Court Reporter + Down TV

Islamabad: The Islamabad High Court has reserved its decision on the plea to dismiss the case against Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed.

In the High Court, a case was heard against Sheikh Rasheed against multiple cases registered in Sindh, Islamabad and other cities on the same charge.

The police submitted the report to the court. The State Council read the FIR registered at the Mochko police station.
Justice Tariq Mehmood Jahangiri inquired whether these words of Balu Rani are in the FIR. Who is the plaintiff in this, in the FIR there are no Balurani and other words, it is only written that dirty and wrong words were spoken against Bilawal Bhutto, the words mentioned in the report are not in the FIR, IG Sindh and Prosecutor General. From where did Sindh get these words, please tell me where these words are with blue rani, prove what is unethical, and tell me FIR and 161, this incident happened in Islamabad, according to the statement given here, how is the case in Karachi? Benazir Bhutto was martyred in Rawalpindi, will there be a case in Karachi?

The investigating officer said that the USB is available, the video is available on YouTube, and it has more than 9 lakh views.

The court reserved the decision.

It should be noted that Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed has filed a request for dismissal of the cases registered in Mochko, Lasbela and Islamabad police stations.



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