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Bad news: “Anyway, refugees are going to Rwanda”, the British Parliament approved the law

The British Supreme Court declared the government’s scheme illegal.
The new law gives victims the right to appeal only in exceptional cases

Dr. Akhtar Gulfam

London: After the approval of the law by the British Parliament, Prime Minister Rishi Sonak has said that he is sending the refugees to Rwanda in 10 to 12 weeks.
The Prime Minister said in a news conference that ‘if not, these flights are going to Rwanda.’
The Upper House of Parliament has approved legislation required to send UK asylum seekers to Rwanda.
The repatriation plan was delayed by several weeks due to attempts to reschedule.
Rishi Sonak said the government has booked commercial chartered flights and trained staff to take the migrants to Rwanda.
The British prime minister is hopeful that the refugee return policy will benefit his Conservative Party ahead of elections later this year.
The House of Lords or the Upper House of the British Parliament had expressed reservations about this law for a long time and refused to support the legislation until it was amended. The session will have to continue.
Tens of thousands of people fleeing wars and poverty in Africa, the Middle East, and Asia have arrived in the UK in recent years, crossing the English Channel in small boats with people smugglers.
Stopping the flow of refugees to Britain is a priority for the government, but critics say the plan to send asylum seekers to Rwanda instead of tackling the problem at home is inhumane.
Human rights organizations express concern in this regard, citing the East African country of Rwanda’s human rights record.
Critics say asylum seekers are being sent back to countries where their lives are at risk.
The new law states that some existing UK human rights laws will not apply to the scheme and British judges will have to see Rwanda as a haven for refugees.
The British Supreme Court has declared this scheme of the government as illegal.
The new law gives victims the right to appeal only in exceptional cases.



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