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Shameful Indian Spices Scam Revealed After Poisonous Cough Syrup, Scrutiny in UK

Singapore recalls entire shipment of ‘Everest Curry Spice’ after fish spice found to contain pesticides

Dawn Food Reporter + Dawn TV Report

Singapore: After the poisonous cough syrup, the shameful scandal of Indian spices has also come to light. Fish spices sent to Singapore were found to contain pesticides, prompting Singapore to return the entire consignment of ‘Everest Curry Spice’.

The government has also directed the users of Indian spices to undergo a medical examination. It should be noted that Indian companies are making recognition in the whole world in double digits. Rather, death is also shared.

Last year, food syrup produced by an Indian company killed 65 children in Uzbekistan, after which the United Nations banned it. Now toxic ingredients have been found in Indian spices, which are very dangerous for human health.

Singapore has announced the recall of Everest Fish Curry Spice, a popular product imported from India. India takes great pride in the fact that a wide range of its spices are popular in many countries, but the latest scandal has turned its pride into shame.

Indian spices are being recalled for high levels of the pesticide ethylene oxide. This step has been taken following a notification issued by the Food Safety Center of Hong Kong. In which the high content of ethylene oxide in spices was reported.



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