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The UK and the EU are facing severe drug shortages

Also included are antibiotics and drugs used to treat epilepsy

Dr. Akhtar Gulfam

LONDON: Patients in the UK and EU member states are facing shortages of essential medicines, including antibiotics and drugs used to treat epilepsy. This has been revealed in a research study.
A report by Newfield Trust, a British think tank, states that this situation has become the ‘new normal’ in the UK and that it is having ‘serious effects in EU countries as well’. He said, “We know that many of the issues are global and related to issues related to imports from Asia, caused by shutdowns related to Covid-19, inflation, and global instability.” “
“But leaving the EU leaves the UK with many additional problems… products are no longer as easily accessible across borders with the EU and in the long term our struggle to get more medicines approved It may mean that we have fewer alternatives available.”

The researchers also warned that leaving the EU would mean Britain would no longer benefit from measures the EU has taken to tackle shortages, including bringing pharmaceutical companies back to Europe. is also included. According to the report, among these initiatives is the ‘Critical Medicine Alliance’ of the European Union, which was established at the beginning of 2024.

Freedom of Information requests and an analysis of publicly available data on drug shortages show that the number of warnings issued by pharmaceutical companies about potential shortages in the UK has more than doubled in three years. It’s done.



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