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Someone should become a messiah, someone should listen to the helpless, whom should they cry to, who should they seek justice from? Only one or two doctors for a population of thirty-five thousand (35000).

An emergency with a few beds and two or three doctors, sometimes less, no equipment, no drugs, no tests, no staff.

Sajjad Ansari

Kasur: Health and education are basic needs of every society. Unfortunately, the conditions of both are worse in our country.

According to the World Health Organization, there should be at least one doctor per 1000 population. Pakistan has one doctor for every thirteen hundred population.

Whereas in the city of Kasur with a population of 400,000, there is only one doctor for a population of 35,000.
Over the years, the population of the city has multiplied, but the number of doctors has not increased in proportion to the population. The irony with the people of this city is that many sets have been lying vacant for years and hundreds of doctors are eager to work on them. But the department has always been reluctant to appoint. All politicians of the city are silent on this basic issue, the local administration is silent and the powerful circles are also silent.

An emergency with only a few beds and only two or three doctors, sometimes even less, for a population of four million. Only one doctor to look after three wards. No equipment, no drugs, no tests, no staff.

What is the result? Complaining about not getting proper attention. No one complains about not getting a bed. Someone complains about medicine.
Someone seeks advice, someone fights, someone abuses.

We have to understand that without facilities, with very few staff, the best treatment cannot be possible.

The ruling circles of Kasur will have to raise their voice to solve these problems. And the government will also have to see why the only government hospital for a population of four million is so neglected



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