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My eye was sticking out of my face’, Salman Rushdie’s first interview 2 years after the assassination

He remembers thinking he was going to die when he was attacked, but ‘luckily’ he was wrong.

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London: Controversial author Salman Rushdie, giving his first interview two years after the assassination attempt on him, said that when he was attacked, one of his eyes popped out and that eye was like a ‘soft-boiled egg’ on his face. was hanging like

Salman Rushdie, the British author known for his controversial and insulting writings, recently gave an interview to the British broadcaster BBC, two years after his assassination in August 2022.

It should be remembered that in August 2022, Salman Rushdie was attacked with a knife during an event in the US state of New York when he was preparing to give a lecture on freedom of expression. The attacker stabbed the British writer in the neck.

He was later shifted to the hospital in a serious condition after which it was reported that Salman Rushdie’s liver and hands were damaged in the attack and the vein in his right eye was severed.
Hadi Matar, the 26-year-old resident who attacked Salman Rushdie, has pleaded not guilty and is currently in prison.

According to the BBC, it is likely that when the trial resumes, the alleged attackers will face Salman Rushdie in court.

Salman Rushdie’s revelations during the interview
During the interview, Salman Rushdie said that he has described the details of the incident in his new book ‘Naif’ (Knife).

Salman Rushdie, however, recalled the incident and said that when he was attacked, one of his eyes popped out and that eye was hanging on his face like a ‘soft-boiled egg’.

They said that they have to take care of daily tasks like going up and down stairs, crossing the road, and even pouring water from a jug into a glass.

Salman Rushdie said that he considered himself lucky that his brain was not damaged by the attack.

He said he remembers thinking he was going to die when he was attacked but ‘luckily’ he was wrong.

Salman Rushdie said the assailant came on stage ‘climbing the stairs’ and within 27 seconds the assailant stabbed him 12 times in the neck and stomach.

The Indian-born British-American writer said he was unable to fight or run away from the attacker, who collapsed on the stage with blood splattered on the floor before being airlifted by helicopter. was transferred to hospital where he took 6 weeks to recover.

In an interview with the BBC, Salman Rushdie said that he knew that one day someone from the ‘audience’ in front of him might attack him.



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