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An emergency meeting of the District Bar Association Sahiwal condemns Rana Adil Azam Advocate for being held hostage in the clinic by force of arms.

Rana Waheed
Sahiwal: An emergency meeting of the District Bar Association was held under the chairmanship of the Bar President in which DBA Sahiwal Member Rana Adeel Azam Advocate High Court and his wife and children were ill-treated by Dr. Sajid Mustafa Child Specialist and his armed staff. And hooliganism, rudeness, and foul language by them, Rana Adeel Azam Advocate has been condemned to be held hostage in the clinic by force of arms and the Police Sahiwal has strongly demanded to arrest Dr. Sajid Mustafa and his staff of miscreants. The accused should be immediately arrested by filing an FIR against him so that such illegal, inhumane, immoral, and cruel behavior cannot be taken against any person and his family in the future this meeting all the lawyers jointly But it has also announced that the wolf-like person hiding in the disguise of a doctor and the person like a spot in the name of Christ will be completely boycotted and all the lawyers have expressed their full sympathy with Rana Adeel Azam Advocate. Reiterate the full support of
Meanwhile, according to our special representative from Sahiwal, Dr. Sajid Mustafi’s bullying and blackmailing, guns the lawyer’s innocent children, Dr. Sajid Mustafi filed a false case to hide his crime. Kirlia. District Bar Association senior member Rana Adeel Azam Khan Advocate took his innocent children along with his wife, two-and-a-half-year-old son Muhammad Ayan and one-year-old Rohan, to Mustafa Hospital, where Dr. Sajid Mustafa was busy checking patients with double face. Even after waiting, when Rana Adil Azam Khan’s turn did not come, he went to the doctor’s room. He told about the health condition of his children, on which Dr. Sajid Mustafa, according to the ex-lawyer and his family, started being rude and abusive. He called his staff to the room, who directly attacked the pump action lawyer, his wife, and the innocent children. Rana Adil Azam ensured the safety of his wife and children with his licensed pistol. According to Rana Adeel Azam, Dr. Sajid Mustafa is a black spot and a black sheep in this profession who has created the drama of his kidnapping due to his criminal activities. When the real facts came out, the police registered a cross-version.



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