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In Occupied Kashmir, the Indian government planned to cause economic damage to the Kashmiris

The employment of millions of people has been threatened by the rail project in the gardens of Occupied Kashmir
Dawn International Reporter

Srinagar: Indian government in Occupied Kashmir has planned to cause economic damage to Kashmiris.
According to British media, the Modi government has approved 5 projects including a 190 km long railway line in Occupied Kashmir, one of which is the Anantnag, Bij Bahara, Pahalgam railway line.
686 acres of land in Kashmir will be destroyed under this project. The land chosen for the track is very fertile for apple orchards, the most famous thing in the region. And their land will be forcibly taken from the local farmers.
Apple farming is the largest source of employment in Occupied Kashmir, employing about 3.5 million farmers, constituting 27 percent of the region’s population. The export of apples accounts for more than 8% of Kashmir’s GDP.
Mohammad Shafi, who works in his garden in the Bij Bahara area of the Anantnag district, said that a few days ago, unknown persons along with the army and police entered his garden without permission. He pretended to be a government official, took the measurement of their land, and told them that a track would be laid there and a road would also be constructed. Shafi said that we were not even allowed to protest, we were left helpless.



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