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The British husband who cut his wife into 200 pieces searched for the method of murder on Google

In Lincolnshire, a man stabbed his young wife to death dismembered her into 200 pieces, and dumped her in a river.

Dawn Staff Reporter
London: A man in the Lincolnshire region of England, after stabbing his young wife to death, dismembered her body into 200 pieces and dumped it in a river.
Briton Nicholas Matson, 28, brutally stabbed his 26-year-old wife Holly Bramley to death in March 2023, then chopped her body into two hundred pieces and dumped her in a river.
After learning that Nicholas had previously killed his wife’s favorite pets in gruesome ways, Bramley’s mother Annette described Nicholas Mattson as a ‘monster’ who repeatedly attacked his wife. Animals were brutally killed.
The court was told during the hearing of the case at Lincoln Crown Court that the body parts of the woman were first hidden in a kitchen cupboard in the flat in Shuttlesworth, Lincoln, then the killer paid £50 to her school friend Joshua Hancock. ’employed’ and, without his knowledge, helped him throw the pieces of Bramley’s body into the River Witham at Buckingham.
On March 25, someone saw some body parts floating in the river and informed the police. The pieces included a human hand, which immediately recognized that these were human body parts and not those of an animal. The police searched the flat. While there smelled strong odors of bleach and ammonia, saw a saw lying on a towel, bloody sheets in the bathroom, and a large bloodstain on the bedroom floor. Based on the evidence, the police soon arrested him for the murder of his wife. Joshua Hancock was also arrested on April 5 and charged with obstructing an investigation. Mattson initially denied murdering his wife but pleaded guilty on February 23, after her cell phone was stolen. When searched, it was found that he had searched some things on Google, such as how to dispose of a dead body. And if the wife dies, what can I benefit? And does God forgive murder?
Mattson also used his wife’s Facebook account for several days after the murder, messaging her friends to make sure she was alive. He also told his wife’s friends that she had left him and moved to Manchester.
CCTV footage showed Mattson moving a large number of bags by lift from his 14th-floor flat on March 25. The court was told that parts of Bramley’s body, including his heart, could not be found.



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