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No shame, no modesty, no adherence to agreements strange conflict between India and Sri Lanka started to emerge as a major issue

Indira Gandhi’s government in 1974 refused to take back the island, which was ceded to Sri Lanka under a maritime treaty.
Dawn Political Reporter
New Delhi: Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) have criticized the country’s main opposition for handing over a small uninhabited island to Sri Lanka in 1974. A strange controversy over the events of 50 years ago is emerging as a major issue during the election campaign in India. Voting will begin in the country in just two weeks.
A large number of fishes are found in the area of Kachathivu Island in the Indian Ocean.
The island has a Catholic church where the Christian community visits every year. Devotees from both India and Sri Lanka come here. Otherwise, the place is unimportant and unlikely to matter to political parties in contesting elections that will affect the lives of 1.4 billion Indian citizens.
India ceded the island to its southern neighbor in 1974 under the Maritime Treaty signed during the Indira Gandhi government. It was a pragmatic decision at the time, but giving up even a small piece of independent Indian territory is now unthinkable to Modi’s right-wing nationalist base.
The problem came to light partly due to increased clashes between fishermen from the two countries.



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