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Five euro fine for patients who waste doctors’ time

Twenty-seven million appointments are lost each year due to patients not showing up on time

Dawn Health Reporter

Paris: French Prime Minister Gabriel Ethel has said in a statement that France will introduce a five-euro fine for people who miss millions of doctor’s appointments every year. Fifteen to twenty million appointments could be saved for other patients by imposing fines, according to Prime Minister et al.
The fine is one of several government measures announced by Prime Minister Gabriel et al to boost health services. The Paris government is struggling to meet the growing demands of an aging and aging population in the health sector. The French prime minister cited the central doctors’ union as saying that despite doctors’ appointments in the country every year, patients Twenty-seven million appointments are lost due to no-shows. “We can never allow that.”
According to et al., this measure could save fifteen to twenty million appointments for other patients. He added that legislation to allow the “liability mechanism” will be tabled in Parliament and the government wants the penalty to start from January 1. Anyone who fails to turn up for an appointment on time will be fined. or who gives less than 24 hours’ notice will have to pay this penalty. However, if a patient presents a reasonable excuse for not coming for a check-up, the doctors will be able to decide on an individual basis whether the person should be fined or not.



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