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Madhuri Dixit cried while shooting the sexual flirting scenes, Ranjith

I was mostly given roles to exploit the heroines, take off their sarees, and sexually molest them.
Dawn Showbiz Desk
MUMBAI: Former Bollywood villain Gopal Bedi aka Ranjith has revealed that Madhuri Dixit cried during the sex-cheer Khan scene during the shooting of the film in 1989. He admitted that he was faced with most of the bad characters. was mostly given the roles of exploiting the heroines, taking off their sarees and sexually flirting with them. Gopal Bedi aka Ranjith recently revealed in an interview according to Dawn TV. That Madhuri Dixit had refused to shoot flirting scenes with him.
The actor said that he was so popular during that time that he used to shoot for 80 films simultaneously, most of which he had short roles in. Ranjith said that he was tired of playing such roles. had come but still, he played such roles in a professional manner and did not touch any heroine inappropriately during the shooting.
The actor said that he never had a problem with any heroine, but in 1989, Madhuri Dixit refused to work with him during the shooting of the film Prem Pratgya.
According to Ranjith, he was supposed to flirt with Madhuri Dixit during the shoot, but the actress started crying as soon as the shoot started and refused to shoot scenes with him.
He did not clarify whether the scenes of sexual harassment were later made a part of the film or not.



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