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Tensions over China, India over changing names of places in Arunachal Pradesh

This is the fourth time that China has unilaterally changed the names of places in Arunachal Pradesh. Earlier in 2017, 2021 and 2023 he has done so

Dawn Special report
Tensions have risen between India and China over the renaming of places in Arunachal Pradesh.

The tension comes as China’s Ministry of Civil Affairs released a fourth list of standard geographical names in Arunachal Pradesh’s Chinese name Zingnan, which Beijing considers part of southern Tibet.
The ministry’s official website published 30 additional names for the region. China’s renaming of places in Arunachal Pradesh has long been a source of tension between the two countries, and India asserts its sovereignty over the state. Places renamed by China include 11 residential areas, 12 mountains, four rivers, a lake, a mountain pass and a piece of land. Among these names are Chinese characters, Tibetan and Pinyin, which is the Roman alphabet version of Mandarin Chinese.
According to the relevant provisions of the State Council (China’s cabinet) on the management of geographical names, they have standardized some geographical names in Xingnan, China, in cooperation with relevant departments, the South China Morning Post newspaper quoted the ministry as saying.

Recent statements by China reasserting its claims on the state came after Beijing lodged a diplomatic protest with India over Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Arunachal Pradesh, where he visited a 13,000-foot-high mountain in Arunachal Pradesh. The Silla Tunnel built on was dedicated to the nation.



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