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“Boycott Indian Products”. The campaign of Bangladesh gained momentum

First burn the sarees of the wives, rain on those boycotting Hasina Wajid India

Dawn Political reporter
Dhaka: Fed up with India’s blatant interference in Bangladeshi elections for the past 15 years, Bengalis have “boycotted Indian products”. The campaign gained momentum. The pro-India Bangladeshi Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina Wajid took the opposition parties campaigning to boycott India with bare hands.
In Bangladesh, the opposition parties are running a Boycott India campaign for interfering in the internal affairs of the country, including politics, in which it is being emphasized to stop using Indian products.
Prime Minister Hasina Wajid did not mind this move of the opposition against her biggest supporter country. He said that BNP leaders should first burn their wives’ sarees if they want to boycott Indian products.
He said that the boycotters should first answer can you eat without Indian spices? How many Indian sarees do their wives have, why don’t they take these sarees from their wives and burn them?



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