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In the British government report, Israel is guilty of violating international law, the disclosure of the leaked report has shaken the government

British Government Suppresses Attorney General’s Report Against Israel, Not Publicized, Strong Pressure to End Arms Sales

Dr. Akhtar Gulfam

London: British public lawyers have declared Israel guilty of violating international law in a secret report given to their government.
Alicia Cairns, head of the British Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee, has said that she believes the government has come to the conclusion that Israel is not complying with international humanitarian law, but that the government is covering it up.
A leaked recording revealed that the British government received a report from its lawyers that said Israel had violated international humanitarian law in Gaza. However, the report was suppressed by the British government and was not made public.
Alicia Cairns said: “I believe the government has completed its latest review of the Gaza war, which has concluded that Israel is not complying with international humanitarian law that it is legally bound to do.. At this point, it is very important for the British government to demonstrate transparency in order to uphold international law.
Revealing this would put British Foreign Secretary David Cameron and Prime Minister Rishi Sonic under intense pressure, as any such legal advice from government lawyers in the UK would mean Britain would not only immediately freeze all arms sales to Israel. It will have to stop but also the exchange of intelligence information will have to be stopped.
Legal experts say that despite the report if the UK does not stop selling arms to Israel, the UK itself will be found guilty of violating international law, as it is aiding and abetting war crimes by selling arms to Israel. Alicia Cairns, answering questions at an event in London, said: “The Foreign Office has received official legal advice that Israel has breached international humanitarian law, but our government has covered this up and not announced it.” Why, they didn’t even stop arms exports.
Cairns said that she also strongly believes in Israel’s right to self-defense, but the right to self-defense has a limit, it is not unlimited. He said that Israel’s actions put not only its own but also Britain’s long-term security at risk.
It should be noted that UK arms exports to Israel in 2022 were €42 million.
At a meeting of the Foreign Affairs Select Committee in January this year, Cairns asked Foreign Secretary Cameron directly whether “you’ve ever seen a legal draft from a Foreign Office lawyer that says Israel violates international humanitarian law.” is violating
In response, David Cameron said, “I can’t recall every paper that was put before me, I don’t want to answer that question, but if you’re asking me if I’m concerned that Israel has violated international law.” So yes, of course I am concerned about that. That is why I consult Foreign Office lawyers when advising on arms exports.



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