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Kochwan’s honesty made the rich British lady appreciate him

Sandra had left her purse, iPhone, and 2,000-pound gold necklace in Kochwan’s baghi.

Dawn Staff reporter
London: The honesty of the coach made the rich British woman appreciate it. Sandra Mitchell, who was part of a group of tourists coming from Britain to the historic region of Egypt in Aswan, took a tour in a tourist buggy driven by an Egyptian coach named Abu Hajar.
When Sandra arrived at her hotel after a day of exploring the area, she realized she was missing her wallet, which contained her iPhone, $2,500, and a gold necklace. ‘ was found.
When Kochwan Abu Hajr found out that the tourist lady’s valuables were lost in his baghi, he searched the baghi and found the purse in the corner of the baghi.
Kochwan delivered to the hotel without opening the wallet. The tourist thanked Kochwan with her purse and tried to give him a reward of 1,000 pounds, which he refused. The British woman’s return flight was on the same day. He promised Kochwan that he would come back to Egypt to reward him.
Abu Hajar had forgotten this incident but the British lady remembered her promise.
A year after this incident, the woman again reached the town of Aswan and first invited Abu Hajar to the hotel.
The British tourist woman belonged to a trade group and announced that she was soon starting a tourism project in Egypt, of which she would like to appoint Abu Hajr as its president.
The woman said that Abu Hajar’s honesty impressed her because the most valuable thing in the purse was a gold necklace, which was the last gift from her father, which she never parted with herself.



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