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The residence permit of the man who burned the Koran in Sweden was revoked, and he was transferred to Norway

Salawan Momika, an Iraqi refugee belonging to the Christian religion, desecrated the Quran more than once
Dawn Religious reporter
Sweden: The Swedish government is fed up and canceled the residence permit of an Iraqi refugee who insults the Koran and is moving to Norway. Christian Iraqi refugee Silvan Momika more than once There was a desecration of the Quran, after which a strong reaction was seen all over the world, especially in Muslim countries. Sloan Momika said that he has reached Norway and intends to seek asylum there. He said in a text message that ‘ I am leaving this country after being abused by the Swedish authorities. In October 2023, the Swedish Refugee Agency revoked Sylvan Momika’s residence permit for providing false information, but was deported back to Iraq. He was allowed to stay in Sweden temporarily due to legal obstacles to doing so.
A month ago, Iraq demanded the extradition of Sylvan Momika for the crime of burning the Quran. He said that after the decision to expel me, Sweden has become a dangerous country for me. I am afraid that they will not hand me over to the Iraqi authorities.”Sloan Momika has called Sweden’s freedom of speech and protection of human rights a ‘big lie’.



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