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The equivalent of 2 atomic bombs was used to destroy Gaza, UN

Israel has so far used 25,000 tons of explosives on Gaza, which is equivalent to 2 nuclear bombs, Francesca Albanese.
Dawn Staff reporter
Geneva: The United Nations says that Israel used the equivalent of 2 nuclear bombs to destroy Gaza. The report released by the United Nations Special Representative for Palestine, Francesca Albanis, revealed that Israel has so far fired 25 bombs on Gaza. 1,000 tons of explosives have been used, which is equal to 2 nuclear bombs.
According to the report, Israeli forces have completely destroyed hospitals, agricultural land, hospitals, educational institutions, and Palestinian homes.
More than 70,000 Palestinians have been injured in Israel’s attacks, while thousands have been arrested. The Israeli army is subjecting captured Palestinians to the worst humanitarian atrocities. The report added that Israel has failed to prove that the men killed in Gaza belonged to Hamas. The number of Palestinians who have lost their lives in Israeli attacks on Gaza since October 7, 2023, is more than 30,000, while 12,000 people are believed to have died buried under the rubble of buildings destroyed by Israeli bombing. In the presentation, Albani said that 25,000 tons of explosives, the equivalent of two nuclear bombs, had been used to wipe out entire areas of Gaza, destroying almost all urban infrastructure and agricultural land, most homes, and health facilities have been obliterated or severely damaged.



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