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The World Bank approved a loan of 149.7 million dollars for Pakistan

78 million dollars will be spent on the project to increase the digital economy, press release
Dawn Commerce Editor
London: The World Bank has approved a loan of 149.7 million dollars for Pakistan. According to the press release issued by the World Bank, this money will be spent on two new projects. The World Bank said that to increase the digital economy. The project will cost 78 million dollars. Naji Ben Hussain, Country Director of the World Bank for Pakistan, said that ‘Supporting the growing digital economy in Pakistan is key to economic and social development. expands and provides access to government and financial services for citizens and entrepreneurs, particularly women.’
Naji Bin Hussain said that the disastrous floods in Pakistan in 2022 highlighted the importance of preventing such disasters. Strengthening and maintenance of barrages is included through this fund. 71.7 million dollars will be provided for a project of improvement of barrages in Sindh. The improvement of the three barrages in Sindh will provide flood prevention and protection. The statement added that the catastrophic floods in Pakistan in 2022 affected the infrastructure. Measures are necessary to protect and strengthen the barrages.



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