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Germany’s birth rate hits lowest level since 2009 as people shy away from becoming parents

The global pandemic of coronavirus, the war in Ukraine, inflation and climate challenges are the possible reasons for this decrease, the report revealed.
Dawn Population Reporter
Frankfurt: In Germany, people are reluctant to become parents, with the birth rate at its lowest level since 2009. According to a report, people are shying away from becoming parents due to the effects of the global epidemic of Corona, geographical and political uncertainty, and climate change. Germany’s Federal Institute for Population Research BiB said on Wednesday that the rate of children in 2023 A clear decline in births has been noted, which is the lowest level since 2009. The authors of the research report suspect that the after-effects of the coronavirus pandemic, geopolitical uncertainty, and climate change concerns are among the reasons. maybe involved, causing people to delay or abandon their plans to become parents. According to the report, several crises such as the coronavirus pandemic, the war in Ukraine, inflation, And climate challenges are possible reasons for this decline.



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