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I will stay in jail for five or six months, then the government will end, Imran Khan

Dawn Court Editor
Rawalpindi: PTI founder Imran Khan has said that he will stay in jail for five to six months and then the government will end. Talking to the media in Adiala Jail, Imran Khan said about the cases that decisions have already been made here only. Action is being taken, Al-Qadir Trust is Kamal’s case in which there is no theft, the money is with the government and the trust is also running. He said that Hasan Sharif sold a house worth 9 billion in England for 18 billion. The National Crime Agency caught the suspicious transaction, Hassan Nawaz should be asked where he got the money to buy the house, Hassan Nawaz and Hussain Nawaz were caught in Panama, Hussain Nawaz said on TV that the flat belonged to Maryam Nawaz.
Imran Khan said that the whole system has been exposed by what is happening in the country, the caretaker government, the Election Commission, and the establishment are all one, everything is running on lies, and the election was based on lies which exposed everything. Done, the election commissioner is such a lying person, he is still sitting despite five reports including Fafan, everyone is saying that the chief election commissioner should resign. He said that the IMF program brought a storm of inflation in the country. Ga, I had told the IMF not to issue loans until there is political stability in the country, due to the lack of political stability, the loan money will be lost, and there is no point in taking loans until the sources of income are increased. Imran Khan said that the biggest problem of our economy is the lack of dollars, we can bring dollars into the country and it is possible through Pakistanis abroad, that they will invest when there is a stable government, from the current situation. We can only be expelled by overseas Pakistanis. He said that May 9 was planned to prove us as traitors, I was given three sentences in one week to crush PTI, but this plan failed, I will stay in jail for 5-6 months, and after that the government will end. I know this government will not last more than 5-6 months. Imran Khan said that there is no resentment towards Arif Alvi, he tried his best to resolve the issues, there was no issue from my side but my name was cut from the other side. He said that Iran of Pakistan. Relations with both Afghanistan and Afghanistan have deteriorated, the enemies of the country have benefited from the attack on Afghanistan, and terrorism will increase due to the deterioration of relations, there should be good relations with whatever government there is in Afghanistan. Imran Khan said that the Taliban and the United States. During our time, the Afghan government assured of solving the problem of TTP and told General Bajwa not to replace General Faiz, he could solve the problem of terrorism and Afghanistan, General. Bajwa used to say in the Corps Commanders Conference that Imran Khan wanted to make General Faiz the Army Chief, although this was not even in my imagination. Removed, by removing General Faiz, Bajwa thought of personal gain and not national interest, The PDM government did not pay any attention to Afghanistan, and bad relations with Iran and Afghanistan are a failure of foreign policy. Founder PTI He added that Ali Amin has to run the province and he needs money, he met the Prime Minister to get a share of the province, and he should have taken a picture with the Prime Minister when the money was received, the Federation of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa will not give money to Khaw. No one is more untrustworthy than Sharif, Sharif is trapped if he leaves the boot then his politics will end, waiting for Nawaz Sharif to run to London.
Imran Khan said that he was very saddened by the martyrdom of General Sarfaraz, which caused an irreparable loss to the army. Social media is an ocean. There was no tweet against the martyrs of the army from any of our official accounts, between us and the army. Attempts are being made to create differences, the one who stole the CCTV footage is behind the social media accounts. He emphasized that when I was shot, I had called General Faisal’s name, then there was no arson. They are trying to create a gap between me and the army by doing propaganda on social media. He should not have said about the Jamaat’s involvement, even if he had asked us first.
The founder of PTI said that all the parties that have become victims of rigging will be invited to the meeting on March 23, Sheikh Rasheed will also be invited, and Maulana Fazlur Rehman will also be invited to participate in the meeting, but he has no idea that he is coming. Or not.



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