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The mental health of Pakistanis is better than India, Britain, and many Western countries, revealed in the report of the ‘Global Mind Project’.

The results were obtained in 13 languages in 71 countries spread over nine regions, based on data from more than five hundred thousand participants.
Dawn Health Editor
London: According to the report of the international organization “Global Mind Project” in 2023, Pakistan was ranked 56th among 71 countries, while its neighboring country India was ranked 61st and Great Britain was ranked 70th in this list. It shows that 28 percent of Pakistanis experience anxiety and struggle, compared to 30 percent in India and 35 percent in the UK. Surprisingly, developing countries such as the Dominican Republic, Sri Lanka, and Tanzania are the top three countries in terms of mental health, while developed countries in Europe and North America appear far down the list. According to the report, the mental health of the young generation, especially people under the age of 35, declined rapidly during the Corona epidemic, while people over the age of 65 remained mentally stable.



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