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Sri Lankan work is going to be done in Pakistan, Imran Khan

Everything is running on lies, the election was rigged, and the credibility of institutions has been destroyed
Court Reporter Staff Reporter, Nawaye Waqt, Dawn London, OK TV, Dawn TV
Rawalpindi: In an informal conversation with the media, Imran Khan said that everything is going on a lie, the election was rigged, the credibility of the institutions has been destroyed, and now it is being called a security threat, this is also a lie. The whole country is running on lies, and institutions have been destroyed. He complained that PTI was not allowed to enter the fray in the elections, voters took revenge on them on polling day but did not recognize the change through voting. Done, they have destroyed the hope of the nation by taking away the mandate, all my predictions have come true, and now I am telling you that Sri Lankan work is going to happen in Pakistan, inflation will increase and people will come out. Imran Khan said that there is no talk of a deal, meetings with my lawyers have been stopped, our series of peaceful protests will continue, and we will also go to the Supreme Court against rigging in the elections. said that money is going to flow again in the senate election, Geelani’s son was caught in the last senate election but he has not been punished to date.



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