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I do not consider Asif Zardari as the president nor will I go to the oath-taking ceremony, Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

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PESHAWAR: Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Ali Amin Gandapur has called the elections of February 8, 2024, completely rigged and demanded to hold general elections again in the country and announced not to go to Asif Zardari’s swearing-in ceremony. I neither accept Asif Zardari as president nor will I go to his swearing-in ceremony, he is a form 45 president, however, after the oath, whether it is the prime minister or the president under whose chairmanship the meeting is held, he will participate in it to talk about the rights of his province and its people. Imran Khan had said 25 years ago that Zardari and Nawaz are friends, whenever their interests are the same, they will come together and time has proven this every time. On the occasion of talking to the media after reviewing the arrangements for the meeting at Dilla Zazak Road, he said that tomorrow we will have a protest meeting at two o’clock, on February 8, we will protest against mandate theft, election theft, and Form 45. There is no other option but for the commissioner to resign, they are not giving us reserved seats, they are playing with the Constitution. He said that in the first ninety days, the chief election commissioner did not conduct the election and broke the constitution and now the entire election has been stolen. Yes, there is a long list of violations of the Constitution, they should be dealt with under Article 6 because Article 6 is included in the Constitution only against those who violate the Constitution. Lee Amin Gandapur said, “I will attend government meetings, but those who steal the mandate.” Don’t impose anyone on the country, correct the results, and conduct a re-election, even though I am the Chief Minister, I am ready for re-election so that the decision of the people can come out.



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