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The terms of making money from TikTok have been simplified

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Short video-sharing application TikTok has simplified the terms of earning money by sharing content on the platform. TikTok said in its blog post that now content creators can earn money from videos of more than one minute. Earning will start. According to the company, to earn money from videos, content creators need to take care of a few important things, the most important of which is to have original content.
Similarly, video duration, search value, and audience engagement are also important for monetization, meaning that content creators who meet all the above-mentioned areas will soon start making money from TikTok.TikTok But under the new method of earning money, any account holder must have 10 thousand followers while their videos must have 1 lakh views in a month.
That is, content creators who have 10,000 followers on TikTok and their videos get 100,000 views in a month will immediately start earning money from their videos of more than one minute.
TikTok said that during the last 6 months, the monthly earnings of some content creators on the platforms have exceeded 50 thousand dollars and the earnings of content creators have increased by 250%.



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