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The world started getting tired of Indians: After May 10, Indian soldiers can’t stay in Maldives even in plain clothes; President

Indian soldiers in uniform or plain clothes will not be allowed to stay in Maldives even as citizens. Muhammed Moizo

Dawn Political Reporter

Mali: The ground is getting tight on the Indians. The President of Maldives, Muhammad Muizhu, has said that any Indian soldier will not be allowed to stay in the Maldives after May 10, neither in uniform nor in plain clothes. According to the organization, the President of Maldives, Muhammad Muizhu, has said that I say with complete confidence that May 10 will be the last day of an Indian soldier’s stay in the Maldives. I will not be allowed to stay in Maldives even as a citizen. Currently, there are 88 Indian military personnel stationed in 3 aviation platforms in Maldives for providing medical and emergency assistance services through two helicopters and one Dornier aircraft for many years. The statement of the President of Maldives about the withdrawal of the Indian army by May 10 came after the military agreement with China was reached. However, on the alleged return of Indian soldiers in plain clothes from India in this aviation, the politicians of Maldives criticized President Muizhu and said that Indian soldiers were not going back to their country, but now they are coming back to the Maldives in simple clothes. On which the President of the Maldives, Muhammad Muizhu, said that the opposition should not make statements that create doubts in people’s hearts and are based on lies. I assure you that after May 10, no Indian soldier in the country, neither in uniform nor in plain clothes, will remain in Maldives. After a high-level meeting in New Delhi early last month, the Maldives foreign ministry said that India would withdraw its military personnel from three aviation platforms in the Maldives by May 10. Local media claimed that the Maldives signed an agreement with Sri Lanka last week to operate air ambulance flights, indicating that the Maldives is not at all willing to tolerate Indian troops on these aviation platforms. The relations between Maldives and India have always been ideal, but in 2013, during the period of President Abdullah Yameen, the distance increased and he continued the anti-India policy, which was canceled by the ruler who succeeded him, Ibrahim Saleh, and joined hands with India. The recent election. I stopped Abdullah Yameen from taking part in the elections by accusing him of corruption, on which he appointed Muhammad Mueez as his representative and the people voted him as the president. After Dr. Muhammad Mueez became the president, Abdullah Yameen again The Indian policy was adopted and the ministers of the new cabinet addressed Modi as a clown on social media. This increased the tension between India and Maldives and there was talk of Indian soldiers leaving Maldives and returning to their country. The order to leave was reached.



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