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‘I am neither Muslim nor married to a Pakistani’: Natasha Kaul, deputed from India, exposes Modi government’s propaganda

The British writer of Indian origin, who was deported from India a few days ago, has denied the allegations that she is not a slave of China.

Lady Reporter

London: Indian-born British writer Natasha Cole, who was deported from India a few days ago, has denied the accusations made against her that she is married to a Pakistani or that she is a slave of China. This story was filed by Dr. Akhtar Gulfam from London, which was published in Nawaiwaqt London and Dawn London and telecast on Dawn TV. I am not a Muslim, not a pawn of China, not a puppet of the West, not a communist, not a jihadist, not even a sympathizer of Pakistan, neither am I a supporter of terrorism nor anti-India, I am part of a gang. I’m not either. I am the one whom the authorities fear. A thoughtful woman.’A few days ago, Indian-born British writer Natasha Cole said that she was denied entry to India because of her views on ‘democratic and constitutional values’ and was kicked out of the airport. Professor Natasha Cole of the University of Westminster in London said in her message on X that she was detained at the airport due to ‘orders from Delhi’.Natasha said that she had arrived at the Bangalore airport in southern India, where she was invited to attend the two-day Constitution and National Unity Convention as a speaker, but after landing in Bangalore, she was denied a visa at the immigration stage. However, it was stopped.



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