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National Assembly: ‘How was Omar Ayub’s speech broadcast?’, the staff started running

How is Dawn TV London showing this speech when PTV is not showing it?

Staff reporters Dawn TV report

Islamabad: During Umar Ayub’s speech, a member of the assembly stood behind him holding a picture of PTI founder and former prime minister Imran Khan, who is currently imprisoned in Adiala Jail. Government Television Parliament (PTV) Probably for this reason, either zoomed in on Umar Ayub or made him disappear from the screen altogether.
During his speech, a distraught sergeant-at-arms came running into the press gallery and started looking for someone.
Journalists did not understand what had happened. On asking the official, it was found that a private news channel was telecasting Umar Ayub’s speech live.
The journalists still did not understand what he was trying to say. The official said “When PTV Parliament is not showing Omar Ayub, then how is Dawn TV London showing this speech” because only PTV has the authority to broadcast the proceedings of the House.
Later, it was learned from the same official that the reporter attached to Dawn TV London was showing Umar Ayub’s speech live on his channel from his mobile phone on the fourth floor. Broadcasting from the mobile phone was stopped, but the reporter could not be found.
Umar Ayub also addressed the Deputy Speaker and said, “PTV is not showing my speech, it is cutting it.” Instruct them about it.
After some time, the Deputy Speaker said, ‘PTV is saying that advertisements are running. Perhaps because of this, the speech is not going on. After hearing this, laughter echoed in the House and the press gallery.



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