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Another proof of India’s terrorist activities, an Indian spy arrested in Afghanistan after Pakistan

Indian officers had ordered a meeting with ISIS representatives in Afghanistan, and Sanaul Islam was arrested for being in contact with ISIS

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Kabul: Another evidence of India’s involvement in terrorist activities in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and the region has come to light. Indian terrorist was arrested in Afghanistan. Indian terrorist Sanaul Islam was arrested on February 29 in the city of Kandahar in Afghanistan. The Indian terrorist belongs to Kerala and he entered Afghanistan through Tajikistan. According to the report of British TV Dawn, Sanaul Islam admitted that he came to Afghanistan on the orders of Indian officers and said that the Indian officers met the representatives of Daesh in Afghanistan. The meeting was ordered. The Intelligence Agency of Afghanistan has arrested Sanaul Islam for the crime of being in contact with Daesh and he has also admitted his connections with Daesh. In 2016, an Indian woman was also arrested for working for ISIS. In November 2019, 10 Indian women working for ISIS were arrested from Nangarhar.



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