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Israel Deliberately Wants to Starve Palestinians: UN Official Reveals

Since the start of the war, Gaza has been deliberately destroying food supplies

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London: Michael Fakhri, the representative of the United Nations program “Right to Food”, told the British newspaper Guardian that Israel has been deliberately destroying food items sent to Gaza since the beginning of the war.
About 2.2 million civilians in the war-torn region are suffering from severe malnutrition and hunger. Israel is deliberately starving the people of Gaza because of its war with Hamas and should be held accountable for genocide and war crimes. Human rights organizations have repeatedly accused Israel of starving the people of Gaza. Using it as a weapon of war is a violation of international law by the United Nations Security Council, and in 2018 it was declared a war crime. Depriving people of food is a war crime, as the International Court of Justice in Rome has said that obstructing the delivery of or depriving people of goods essential to their survival falls under this category.”Michael Fakhri “There is no reason why humanitarian aid should be deliberately blocked, fishing boats stopped and plantations destroyed, except to deprive people of food,” he said. According to ‘Israel has declared to destroy people in whole or in part because they are Palestinians.’
He further said that the situation in Gaza is a case of ‘genocide’, in which Israel is fully involved, for which it should be held accountable.
According to Michael Fakhri, ‘The situation was already bad with Israel’s checking of incoming goods, but after the war started, it easily managed to starve everyone because many people were already on the brink. He said, “We have never seen that the civilian population is kept hungry like this. Israel is not only targeting the civilians but also destroying the future by harming the children of Palestinians.” Michael Fakhri also criticized countries that stopped funding the Palestinian aid organization. Its activists have been accused by Israel of links with Hamas. UNRWA provides basic facilities for food, health, and education to more than 6 million Palestinians in the Middle East.



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