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Junk food, like cocaine, makes people addicted to drugs, a discovery by British health experts

No other substance causes so many deaths, junk food advertising should be banned.

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London: British health experts have revealed that people are suffering from diseases on a large scale from processed junk food. These food items, like cocaine, make a person addicted to a form of addiction, which results in an increased desire to use them. Well-known author Professor Chris Van Tolkien has presented a resolution in the House of Commons, the upper house of the British Parliament, in which it is stated that processed foods and drinks make people addicted just like people are addicted to tobacco and cocaine. Professor Chris van Tollken told a select committee that processed food is the world’s largest cause of death by nature, and no other food causes as many deaths.
Parliament has been requested to encourage people to take extraordinary health precautions and ban junk food advertising so that people are interested in making quality food a part of their diet. Professor Chris Van Tulken has also stated that people around the world are suffering from obesity, diabetes, and heart diseases due to fast food or junk food. The book ‘Ultra-Processed People, Why We Eat Stuff That Isn’t Food and Why We Can Stop’ by Chris Van Tolkien was recently published.
In this book, he says that food companies are making people addicted to junk food in very brutal ways. The number of people who are attracted to junk food is more than other food items and this attraction is increasing day by day. Is.
In the UK, experts have expressed concern over children’s craving for junk food, urging parents to be alert to their children’s eating habits and food choices and encourage them to eat and drink such foods. Inclination to how it is possible to maintain a high standard of health.



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