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Indian network of Pakistani fake currency caught in Emirates, fabric meets Indian intelligence agency “RAW”.

Some such consignments of food items have been seized. Thousands of fake notes worth 5 thousand rupees have been recovered

Commerce Reporter

London: (Commerce Reporter) According to the British media, an Indian network of Pakistani fake currency has been caught in the United Arab Emirates. The fabric of the network is linked to the Indian intelligence agency “RAW”. Some consignments of food items from abroad have been intercepted from Islamabad, Lahore, and Peshawar airports on tip-off. In which thousands of fake notes worth 5 thousand rupees have been recovered. Some persons involved in the import of goods were detained and investigated. Based on which information was found regarding persons named Shehryar and Ahmed, these persons are involved in these incidents in the form of shippers and suppliers. Both the accused are frontmen of Shafiq, a major supplier and dealer of goods based in Dubai. On further investigation, it was found that these fake currency notes are being printed in India under the infamous Indian intelligence agency “RAW” and to further weaken Pakistan economically, they are being hidden in different types of goods in Dubai and other states. are transferred. From where these currencies are supplied to these couriers who bring goods to and from Pakistan. The team of the investigative agency has also found photographs and passport details of persons named Shafiq and Shehryar associated with this network. which have been made part of their case file along with others. In the light of the same information, fake notes were later recovered from the food items being sent to Pakistan by Shafiq’s frontmen Ahmad and Shehryar. Two important arrests have also been made. A few months ago, the Dubai Police authorities, after receiving a tip-off, arrested a group that was accepting dirhams in exchange for fake foreign currency from a money exchange center in Dubai. According to the official records of these accused, the group had received 50 thousand dirhams from a currency exchange in exchange for 16000 fake Euros and committed fraud by exchanging the money using fake identities. In the investigation, the information of his other associates also came out. After this orders were also given for their arrest by the Dubai authorities. Investigation revealed that a group in the Emirates was spreading fake currency through social media by disguising genuine currency notes. A discount of up to 50% was also being given for exchanging currency. While the simple people were falling into their trap. Agents also played their role in this.
Sources say that the information about the assets and business transactions of Shafiq, Ahmed, Shehryar, and others who are the main actors in running Pakistan’s fake currency network from India through Dubai has been obtained and these persons have also been traced. who are looking after their properties and warehouses in Pakistan including Karachi Defence. An investigation into their financial transactions with these persons has also been initiated.



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