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Oscillation policy: Indian citizens are working in the Russian army

They are fighting on the front lines together with the Russian army in the war against Ukraine

War Reporter

London (War Reporter) According to British and European media, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of India confirmed on Friday that some Indian citizens are doing “support jobs” with the Russian army. The Ministry of External Affairs said that it is working with Moscow for the safe return of these Indian citizens. According to a report by the Indian Daily Hindu, 18 Indian citizens are trapped in various border towns on the front line of Russia’s war against Ukraine.
According to the newspaper report, at least three Indian nationals were forced to fight alongside Russian soldiers. The Ministry of External Affairs has not confirmed that Indian nationals have taken a combat role in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. But the ministry said in a statement that it was “aware that a few Indian nationals have taken up support jobs in the Russian army.” On arrival in Moscow, the Indians were allegedly handed over “arms and ammunition by the Russian army,” according to the report. Trained and later sent to the front lines in January. According to the newspaper, while some Indian nationals have reportedly volunteered for Ukrainian forces in the current conflict, this is the first known case of Indian nationals allegedly joining the war on the Ukrainian side. One of them told the newspaper that his “repeated requests” to return home were “ignored” by the Indian embassy in Moscow.



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