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United Kingdom; In-laws jailed for 7 years for torture and poisoning daughter-in-law married from Pakistan

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London/Leeds: The in-laws who misbehaved with Ambreen Fatima, a girl brought to Britain after marriage from Pakistan, were sentenced to prison. Asghar Sheikh’s husband has been ordered to be sent to jail for 7 years and 9 months along with his father Khalid Sheikh and mother Shabnam Sheikh. Sentences have been pronounced. A Pakistani family in Britain was sentenced to 7 years in prison for torturing and attempting to kill their daughter-in-law. The British court gave a decision today in the case of Ambrin Fatima, who went to Quma due to the violence of her in-laws. It was told in the court that due to poison and torture, Fatima was not able to testify and speak. They are also fed through a tube and there is no chance of their recovery. Husband Asghar Sheikh, father-in-law Khalid Sheikh, and mother-in-law Shabnam Sheikh have been sentenced to 7 years and 9 months of life imprisonment for poisoning and torturing Pakistani-origin Ambrin Fatimah. Anbarin was sent to jail for saving Fatima from violence and obstructing the path of justice. His brothers Nand and Dewar were also sentenced, but both were not sent to jail. The evidence presented in the court proved that Anbarin was given a poisonous substance that affected her brain while her body also showed signs of torture. Pakistani teacher Anbreen Fatima came to the UK from Pakistan after getting married in 2014, but it is not clear when she was tortured. had lived.



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