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There is no value in passion23.6 feet tall Eiffel Tower made of matchsticks, set a record

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Paris: It is 100% true that there is no price for a hobby. A French citizen built a world record 23.6-foot Eiffel Tower from matchsticks, which was rejected by the organization for using the wrong matchsticks. Spent 8 years and suffered a major setback when Guinness World Records rejected his world record request. The previous record for the Eiffel Tower made of matchboxes was set by Lebanese man Tawfiq Dahir in 2009 with a height of 21.4 feet. was Richard Pladd told reporters that he used 706,900 matches to build the model and applied to claim his Eiffel Tower as the world’s tallest Eiffel Tower model? He said he received it last week. Guinness World Records was informed that their tower was rejected because according to the rules, the matches used in the Eiffel Tower had to be available in general stores. He said that he initially started building the Eiffel Tower with these matches, but eventually contracted a company to use matchsticks without ends. The first Guinness World Record was based on these matches. The Eiffel Tower refused to be awarded the Guinness World Record, but now it has changed its decision and included it in the Guinness World Record.



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